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About Us

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Lets be honest....Construction, Property Maintenance and Renovations are messy and at times a complex job. They require skill, determination, time and a willingness to go elbows deep in just about anything. Whether you're looking for someone to renovate your home, fix a clogged drain or manage a revenue property make sure to check out our services page where we show you how we keep your paws clean throughout the process. 

Our History

After accumulating knowledge in all trades over the past 30 years Bonnett Enterprises was born in 2012. For the past 7 years we have done large commercial renovations, small residential renovations, and everything in between. We currently provide maintenance services for a dozen buildings and counting. 

The Adorable Puppy

Yes this is a real photo of our puppy who currently holds the title of Site Supervisor. Though he gets distracted, he generally completes his tasks in a reasonable amount of time. 

All kidding aside, we're real people that love the industry that we work in and want to provide you with the best service possible. 


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